Selecting the Perfect Tree

Everybody pile in the car–it’s time to go get the Christmas tree! What a great tradition! You can be sure to select the best tree for your holiday with a little advance preparation.

Before deciding the size of tree you want, consider the room in the house where the tree will be kept. Your ceilings must be high enough to accommodate your tree, the tree stand, as well as treetop ornaments. A 7-foot tree usually works fine for rooms with 8-foot ceilings. Higher ceilings will accommodate taller trees.

You’ll want to select the freshest tree available. Generally, fresh trees have a healthy, green appearance without a lot of brown needles.

To test for freshness:

  • Gently grasp a branch between your thumb and forefinger and pull it toward you. Very few needles should come off in your hand.
  • Shake or bounce the tree on its stump. Some loss of interior brown needles is normal. But, you should not see an excessive amount of green needles fall to the ground.

Now you’re ready to select your tree! Check out our page on tree care to keep your tree fresh through the holidays.

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